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We walked through world without a clue. Desperately looking for justice and music. There! ... no, there! A faint light at the horizon. No-mercy guitarero Carsten and "Trommelbacke" Lutz, started end of 1987, at sunset, the way of the glorious five - JACOB TWO-TWO.

In a pub with dimm light they found him: Kosta. He played his beaten bass in a rough way. Now they were three. Fifty whiskies later, his banjo on his knee (ouch!), his harp between his teeth (mumble), Easy-Rider Günter joined the band.

After a brief intermezzo with "Mr. Feedback" Thomas and unsatisfactory attempts as an all male quartet we kidnapped Angel from a local church choir. Since January 1989 justice and music rule the Rhein-Main area. Five musicians - five song writers - one band: JACOB TWO-TWO

We, as a Folk-Rock-Punk-Blues-Pop-Jazz band think that one drawer is not enough to describe our style.


j22.jpg JACOB TWO-TWO:
  • Carsten Angersbach (guitars),
  • Konstantinos (Kosta) Kostis (bass, guitar),
  • Lutz Gollan (drums, voc),
  • GŁnter Brast (harp, guitar, keys, voc),
  • Angela Bauer (voc).
  • Frank Hellenthal (sound)

This photo has been taken from one of our gigs at the Goldene Krone Darmstadt. Quality is limited since it has been scanned from an article in the Offenbach Post and the paper had turned a little yellow. From left to right you can see Kosta, Lutz, Angela, GŁnter, Carsten above and Frank our sound man at the far right. There is a (hopefully complete) list of all JACOB-TWO-TWO gigs.

Title (Size) Demo 1990
Abbie Hoffmann (demo 1990)
Another Normal Day Another Normal Day (demo 1990)
Marathon (demo 1990)
Sitting, Waiting (demo 1990)
Stop! (South Africa) (demo 1990)