JACOB TWO-TWO - List of Gigs

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How JACOB-TWO-TWO started

1987-07-10 Lutz and Kosta met at Alex's¹ birthday party. Soon after there was a first "check out the vibes" session at Carsten's² home and guess what - it worked right away. It was only a matter of time that we had enough material (all original and all from scratch) to be ready to play gigs. During all this time we had help from gentle people who tolerated our high volume rehearsals and/or recording sessions or helped with equipment or sound. Just to name a few: Carsten's, Lutz's and my parents, Fechtverein Offenbach, Holger Schöffel, my uncle Athanasios Kostis and last but not least Frank Hellenthal, our sound man.

Gigs (hope I didn't forget any)

Date/Time Where Remarks
1988-05-29 Holgie's birthday party first gig ever - came very much to Holgie's surprise ;)
"Feedback"-Thomas on vocals
1988-xx-xx Party Studentenwohnheim Lichtwiese, Darmstadt second and last gig with "Feedback"-Thomas
Carsten couldn't make it to this gig
1988-10-27 THD/FB20 party CS department building, Darmstadt just the four of us: Günter, Carsten, Lutz and Kosta
1989-03-08 Günter's wedding, Frankfurt Günter married Ilse that day
first gig with Angela, first gig with our own PA
1989-05-xx Gerry's party Schloßmühle, Babenhausen details lost here
Goldene Krone, Darmstadt successful entry in the local scene
first time JACOB-TWO-TWO featured our soundman Frank
1989-09-09 "Focus"-Festival, Obertshausen
with "Changes" and "Tapsi Turtles"
most professional gig IMHO
open air in/near the forest
biggest crowd we ever played for and biggest PA we ever used
great sound, great fun
1989-10-26 THD/FB20 party Schloßkeller, Darmstadt the crowd was raving
feedback loops killed a tweeter
our soundman Frank claimed it sounded great, though. ;)
Goldene Krone, Darmstadt yeah, we really had our act together at the time

How JACOB-TWO-TWO was "suspended"

Soon after finishing our last demo tape in May 1990 Carsten and Lutz went away (far enough) to study law and it didn't take Günter too long to work far away (enough) from Frankfurt, too.

At least we've never split up because of "musical differences" or anything like that. We still keep in touch. Recently there was some email contact with Angela Bauer, so everybody is accounted for. :)

There were a few revival talks and attempts so far and at least Lutz, Carsten and Kosta jammed together again even more than once (was it three times?). Worked out quite good, actually. Let's hope for the best we're going to play a few fun gigs again sometime.

¹ Alex is Kosta's younger brother
² Carsten had already teamed up with Lutz